Father's Day Love Bear Red & White

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  • Fruity Red & White Love Gummies – Our gummy bear shaped jar is filled to the brim with 1 pound of fruity gummie bears. Express your love with wild cherry & strawberry-banana flavored gummy bears
  • Gummy Gourmet Candy Gift – This gummy bear is sporting a cute, red, heart-shaped bow around its neck and a sweet message on top of its hat, making it the perfect candy gift for Valentine's Day or any occasion
  • Everyone Loves Gummy Bears – Share this strawberry gummies filled bear with your loved ones for their anniversary, birthday, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, any holiday, as a thank you present or a care package for all the sweets lovers in your life
  • Guilt-Free Snacking – The resealable jar will help preserve freshness, so you and your family can enjoy chewy treats for days. Plus, the candy gummi bears are free from all the bad artificial stuff, so indulge guilt-free
  • The Purple Plum Guarantee – Here at Purple Plum we leave nothing to chance, and our gummy bear jars are no exception. From its lovely presentation to its delectable contents, we cut no corners. Our goal is to create the perfect gifting experience that satisfies both your eyes and your appetite

Are you looking for a unique candy gift that would make anyone smile ear to ear? How about a gummy bear jar filled to the brim with yummy gummie bears candy?

This gummy bear sure is a looker and will impress even the person who has it all! Our gummy bear is wearing a stunningly red heart-shaped bow around its neck, ready to spread the love! The lid of the gummie bear jar serves as a cute hat for this dazzling teddy bear and has a sweet message written on top of it. This unusual gummy bear is bursting with love, and it can't wait to share it with you!

What's Inside?
1 pound of candy gummie bears in two dazzling flavors and lovely colors. The red gummies are wild cherry flavored, but white - banana & strawberry flavored. It's the perfect mix of red and white to express your love!

This Candy Lovers Gift Is Perfect For:
Valentines Day
Graduation Gifts
Birthday Parties
Easter Baskets
Road Trips
Movie Nights
Daily Snacking
Kids & Adults

No matter the special occasion, a funny gummy bear, filled with fruit flavor gummy bear chews will make boys and girls of all ages happy!

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