Mother's Day Gifts

Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to mess gifts on Mother's Day. And with the many great Mother's Day gifts we have available, Purple Plum makes it simple and easy to get the perfect gift for that mom in your life. From an assortment of candy, to full candy gift platters, to fun greeting cards, we have the types of gifts that every mom will love on Mother's Day. Check out some of the great Mother's Day gifts you can purchase from Purple Plum.

Mother's Day Greeting Cards

Every mom gets a card on Mother's Day, but when you get it from Purple Plum it also comes with candy! Make that Mother's Day greeting card one to remember this year by choosing from our Goodiegrams! Below are some hand-picked selections that will make the perfect greeting cards for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Greeting Card with Delicious Heart Gummies

This candy card gift set makes for a wonderful Mother’s Day treat for the mom in your life. Each Mother's Day greeting card set comes with a delicious sweet peach hearts and a 5 x 7 card for you to write out your personal message! Say something sweet, while also giving them something sweet!

Bear Hug Goodiegram

This Bear Hug Goodiegram contains:

  • 1 outer card
  • 1 customizable greeting card
  • packet of gummy bears
  • 1 mailer & label to seal (so you can easily ship it)

When you open this Bear Hug Goodiegram, you will be greeted with a delightful cutout which will give you full view of the packaged candies. Each card comes with a special customizable greeting as well, so you can write something special for that mom in your life and make this Mother's Day extra special.

Nuts About You Goodiegram

Purple Plum has combined traditional card greetings for Mother's Day with delicious chocolate candy and snacks. Surprise that mom in your life with one of these snack filled cards.

Each card is 7 inches by 5 inches and 1 inch thick. When you open this Nuts About You Goodiegram, you will be greeted with a delightful cutout which will give you full view of the packaged snacks. And each card comes with a special customizable greeting as well, which allows you the opportunity to say something sweet. The Nuts About Your Goodiegram 9s filled with roasted salted mixed nuts.

Mother's Day Candy Gift Platters

Do you want to give that mother in your life a giant platter of yummy candy? We have a great selection of candy gift platters that are perfect for Mother's Day. Here are some of the candy gift platters we have for sale.

Love Candy Platter

Doubles as a Valentine's Day gift, this candy platter is perfect for any husband looking to buy their wife something special on Mother's Day. This candy tray comes with a medley of four different types of candies:

  • Milk chocolate gems
  • Tangy sour lips
  • Gummy hearts
  • Sweet hugs and kisses

The packaging of this Love Candy Platter is divided into four sections for easy-to-grab snacking.

Pink Party Gift Platter

This pink party candy gift platter is great for mom's of all ages. The 4-sectioned candy tray comes with an assortment of different pink-colored candies:

  • Pink & White Princess pearls,
  • Pink Piglets,
  • Sweet Pink
  • White Coated Jordan Almonds, Pink Piglets

Each container is wrapped with colorful ribbons, so it comes without needing to make it look any fancier or nice making it the perfect gift option. These candy platters also come in a durable package with a lid, which ensures that the candies inside stay fresh and delicious, allowing your loved ones to enjoy them longer.

Rainbow Party Gift Platter

Is there a mom in your life who has a sweet tooth? If so, then this Rainbow Party Gift Platter will make for the perfect Mother's Day gift. This candy gift platter comes with 1.5 lbs of candies for all tastes and includes:

  • Triple-Layer Rainbow Hearts
  • Assorted Fruit Gummy Bears
  • Sour Burst Bites
  • Assorted Fruit Chews

Within this Rainbow Party Gift Platter, every mom will find something they love. From sweet and marshmallow-y to sour and fruity, there is something for even the most demanding of tastes!

Mother's Day Candy

We have a great selection of different types of candy available to give on Mother's Day as gifts. Here is a small selection of some of the candy we have available.

Love Bear Triple Layer Gummy Hearts

These jars are filled to the brim with fruity triple layer candy hearts. A delicious fruit flavor topped with a dusting of fine sugar. This gummy bear is sporting a cute, red, heart-shaped bow around its neck and a sweet message on top of its hat, which makes it the perfect candy gift for Mother's Day since you can customize it.

Gummy Butterflies 

This Gummy Butterflies comes in a 2 pack gift set, which is perfect for mothers with a sweet tooth. Our assortment of Gummy Butterflies come in six delightful flavors:

  • Grape
  • Strawberry
  • Orange
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cherry
  • Green Apple

These charming butterfly gummies are not just cute, but they also pack a punch of big, bold, and vibrant taste in every flutter of their wings.

XO Gummies

Experience the delightful blend of strawberry and bubblegum flavors in Purple Plum's sour XO gummy lips. This pouch offers balanced sour and sweet taste of candy lips, which creates a uniquely enjoyable experience, perfect for those mothers out there who enjoy a tangy treat.