Wedding Candy & Gummies Gifts

We have a great selection of candy and gummies that make for the perfect wedding gift! Give the gift of a sweet treat! Perfect as wedding party favors for your guests or as a little extra on top of the wedding gift for the bride and groom. Choose from a great selection of candy and gummies that fit the aura of any wedding!

Here is our selection of candy and gummies that are perfect wedding gifts.

Champagne Gummies

Nothing says wedding celebration like champagne! Get in on the fun by having these champagne gummies! These sophisticated sweet and sour gummy bears boast a delightful champagne flavor! Non-alcoholic, of course, but brimming with celebration vibes! Add them to your drinks for a unique, fun twist! We also carry sanded Champagne Gummies that are dusted with tart sugar crystals for that extra zing. To add to the wedding vibes, these Champagne gummies come in a matte purple pouch with a shiny gold foil that exudes elegance. Purple Plum's Champagne Gummies are here to add a pop of fun to your wedding celebrations!

Cocktail Gummies

Add a splash of fun to your wedding with our Cocktail Gummies! These colorful little gummies are shaped like tropical cocktails and are bursting with delicious, sweet flavor. Just imagine the taste of refreshing watermelon/apple and zesty orange/strawberry dancing on your tongue during the wedding. These gummies come in a beautiful, matte purple pouch adorned with shiny gold foil for that super luxurious feel that will match the aesthetic of any wedding.

Rainbow Party Gift Platter

This is a family favorite that comes complete with 1.5 lbs of lip-smacking goodies for all tastes. The Rainbow Party Gift Platter includes: Triple-Layer Rainbow Hearts, Assorted Fruit Gummy Bears, Sour Burst Bites, and Assorted Fruit Chews. It is simply made to be gifted! Nothing brings ear-to-ear smiles like candy and gummies! Send your wedding guests home happy with this as a party favor!

Gummy Flower Blossoms 2 Pack Gift Set

You know what pairs great with any wedding? Flowers! These Gummy Blossoms will fit right into any wedding setting. Embark on a sweet journey with our dazzling duo of Purple Plum pouches! Each overflowing with the magic of Gummy Flower Blossoms! Dive right into a sea of nearly half a pound of pure fruity delight in each pouch. Our Gummy Flower Blossoms are crafted to perfection, ensuring every chew is a blissful journey into the world of Purple Plum's delectable treats. Among the gummies in this gift pouch include: cherry, blue raspberry, strawberry, grape, orange, and mango. These pouches come with gold foil details, making these gummies the perfect addition to any wedding gift or wedding favor.

Nuts About You Goodiegram Card

Among the variety of wedding gummies and candy includes this fun Nuts About You Goodiegram Card. It makes for the perfect wedding gift for those attending your wedding and sends the message of "thank you" to all who shared in your special day. They also make for a perfect gift for those within the wedding party, too. When you open the card, you will be greeted with a delightful cutout which will give you a full view of the packaged snacks. And each card comes with a special customizable greeting, which allows you to make it personal! The package is filled with roasted salted mixed nuts. A delicious and healthy snack! Give a gift that will WOW today with the Nuts About Your Goodiegram Card.

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