Santa Tin

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  • Santa's Snowfall Tin Treats: Celebrate the holiday season with Purple Plum's Christmas popcorn tin! It is filled with white chocolate peppermint popcorn. This holiday popcorn is a blend of crispy popcorn and creamy white chocolate, with pieces of candy cane for a festive twist. It's a delicious holiday snack!
  • Chocolate Confection Variety: Discover the delightful Christmas treats in Christmas tins, including the fun Elf on shelf-themed chocolates, the tasty Cookies, and snowman wrapped Chocolates. Moreover, it has gooey caramel chocolate Santas foil wrapped for a joyful addition to your holiday sweets.
  • Enduring Charm of the Tin: Once you've enjoyed all the Christmas snacks, Santa's Snowfall Tin becomes a lovely keepsake box. It's an excellent gift and keeps the holiday spirit alive throughout the year, reminding you of memorable moments.
  • Festive Gift Delight: Whether you put it in a stocking, give it as a gift, or display it with your holiday decorations, our Christmas white popcorn tin is a delightful treat for people of all ages. It's a beautiful way to bring holiday cheer, mixing elegance with festive fun.
  • Purple Plum's Seasonal Symphony: These holiday snacks Tins offer a delightful blend of holiday flavors and fun. The enchanting tin features whimsical designs, rich flavors, and festive cheer, all combined into one. It's designed to bring joy and add sweetness to your seasonal celebrations.

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