Rainbow Party Gift Platter

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A FAMILY-FAVORITE- The Purple Plum Rainbow Candy Variety Pack comes complete with 1.5 lbs of lip-smacking goodies for all tastes. Our assorted candy platter includes: Triple-Layer Rainbow Hearts, Assorted Fruit Gummy Bears, Sour Burst Bites, and Assorted Fruit Chews.
A PEOPLE-PLEASER- Within our candy gift box you will find something for everyone. From sweet and marshmallow-y to sour and fruity, we have something for even the most demanding of tastes! Equip your movie nights, parties, gatherings, and snacking arsenal with mouthwatering candy for all occasions.
MADE TO BE GIFTED- Nothing brings ear-to-ear smiles like candy. It’s a surefire way to instantly win over anyone and our assorted candy platter can match any theme. Whether it’s beach themed parties, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Valentines, Anniversaries, Holidays or to celebrate Pride - it’s ideal for kids, teens, and adults!
PACKAGED FOR SNACKING CONVENIENCE- The Assorted Tray comes with convenient sections for each candy type. Make it a centerpiece on your table and enjoy during movie nights, have your co-driver hold it while on the road for a sweet snack, or enhance any buffet at home.
THE PURPLE PLUM GUARANTEE- Here at LGS we leave nothing to chance and our candy care package is no exception. From its lovely presentation to its delectable contents, we cut no corners. Our goal is to create the perfect gifting experience that satisfies both your eyes and your appetite.

Sweetness Galore- A Feast for Candy Lovers.
Luxury Gourmet Candy is here to satisfy even the most demanding of cravings. This 1.5 lbs rainbow candy tray comes packed with flavor and assorted candy goodness for every kid, teen, and adult!

What’s in Our Gift Box?
Rainbow Hearts - Let the rainbow take your taste buds on a fresh, colorful journey! A sweet, chewy treat with a marshmallow-like base layer and coating of sweet sugar.
Assorted Fruit Gummy Bears - Discover all 12 of these fruity flavors including Cherry, Strawberry, Lime, Green Apple, Mango and more!
Sour Burst Bites - First sour than sweet, the tangy flavors cannot be beat. A favorite among sour gummy fans, it is soft, chewy and full of tangy fruit flavors like lemon, lime, cherry, and orange.
Assorted Fruit Chews - Made with real fruit juice, these chews come in their signature bean shape and are packed with flavor. Enjoy an assorted collection of strawberry, cherry, lemon, orange, and lime candy

The Ideal Gift Does Exist.
It’s The Purple Plum Candy Variety Rainbow Tray!
Perfect for Birthday Parties, Daily Snacking, Road trips and more!
Add whimsical decor to any buffet, fill your Easter Buckets, or treat your Valentine to some sugar.
Throw a Luau, or a Beach-themed Party- this candy will fit right in!
A Perfect choice for your Movie Nights, Graduation Presents or Get Well Wishes!
Show your rainbow pride with a delicious candy tray!

A Tasty Journey
Featuring a variety of flavor profiles, from sweet and tangy, to fruity and chewy.
This rainbow themed candy tray delivers a unique sensation that’s bound to be loved!

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