Bloodshot Eyeball Gummies in Skull Jar

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Halloween Gifts & Care Package

This candy gift box skull jar is filled with gory, horror themed (delicious) candy perfect for spooky season and Halloween. Delight your kids, friends, neighbors, college student, or hosts with this frightening HAUNTED SKULL. With different candies to choose from everyone will find something they love among these Halloween snacks.

Halloween Candy Gift Skull Options

  • Bloodshot Eyeball Gummies
  • Blood Red Gummy Bears
  • Gushing Brains
  • Hairy Spiders
  • Creepy Sour Crawlers
  • Assorted Fruity Gummy Bears

Comes packaged in a beautiful Haunted Skull Jar package and topped with a spooky Halloween sticker.

Makes for Perfect Halloween Decor

All the candy contents options of this package are hand placed with attention to detail. We make sure that it is perfectly presentable as a Halloween-themed gift. We know these packages are being sent to friends and family and we want them to be perfect.

Looking for the Perfect Halloween Gifts?

THE HALLOWEEN CANDY GIFT PACKAGE is filled with horror themed candy to make for the perfect Trick-or-Treat Gift! Send it to a college student away from home or it's great for the kids at home. It contains a great variety of Halloween-themed candy to choose from. This is the best Halloween gift you're going to find. All for a great value!

The Purple Plum Guarantee

Here at Purple Plum, we leave nothing to chance and our candy care package is no exception. From its lovely presentation to its delectable contents, we cut no corners. Our goal is to create the perfect gifting experience that satisfies both your eyes and your appetite.

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