Cranberry Craze Power Snack Mix 2 Pack Gift Set

Cranberry Craze Power Snack Mix 2 Pack Gift Set

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Get ready to go wild with Purple Plums Cranberry Craze Snack Mix! This delightful blend is a medley of premium nuts, fruits, and seeds that will keep your taste buds entertained and your body fueled. Crunchy peanuts and crispy almonds bring the protein and omega-3 heart-healthy fatty acids, while sweet cranberries and plump raisins pack a punch of antioxidants. It's the perfect, healthy snack for any occasion!

Our Cranberry Craze Snack Mix is crafted from the finest ingredients, ensuring every bite is a delightful experience. Enjoy this unique mix straight from the bag or add a burst of flavor to your salads, oatmeal, or yogurt. Make Purple Plum a part of your next adventure and let the deliciousness unfold!

Presented in a luxurious matte purple pouch adorned with shiny gold foil, the packaging exudes elegance. A charming plum leaf-shaped window lets you peek at the tasty treats inside. The resealable pouch keeps everything fresh, so you can savor the snack at your own pace. Although, with a mix this addictive, we wouldn't be surprised if you finish it all in one go! Each purchase comes with two packs, perfect for sharing or keeping all to yourself. Happy snacking!

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